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Film & Video production services:
  feature films
  long format industrials

  infomercials & corporate video
  web formated HD video for websites
  multi camera events
  travel video journals and documentaries

Innovation & Product Development

Please check out my patented inventions: 


Stephens has more than 30 years experience, 60 Feature Films and TV shows as Director of Photography, Gaffer, and Lighting Director in the Motion Picture & TV industry. Since early childhood, lighting and camerawork have been his fascination and specialty.  Owen climbed the ranks from set electrician on Superman at Pinewood Studios to Gaffer on major motion pictures, working alongside the top Hollywood cinematographers.  He  became a respected camera operator and Director of Photography on independent feature films and TV commercials, working primarily in New York, Miami, and Hollywood.  Owen's experience, engineering skills and creativity have produced numerous products in support of this industry, now in distribution worldwide.  


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